Ancient Indian Philosophy

Rishis had debates and healthy discussions on many philosophical topics.

Philosophy is the mother of all subjects as from philosophy emerged other important subjects we know of today. The nature of philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions about knowledge, existence, values, reason, mind, language etc. It helps to break down the barrier of personal bias. It enables one to explore the philosophical question posed in its true nature.

One can intellectually philosophize anything, but the real question is — what value does that serve? The understanding of intellectual matter is fun for the mind as it challenges the familiar patterns of the mind. It makes one think and rethink their position on a particular subject or issue. However, the mind’s nature is that it loves its old patterns and would fall right back in line given an opportunity. It can be frustrating to be caught in this loop because it seldom gets any answers that can be applied and practised.

Unless the mind and body do not experientially immerse themselves into the realm of philosophical exploration, it does not budge much. The experiential nature of action and reflection is real because one takes an idea: discusses it, applies, reflects, learns, reapplies it and gets a new philosophical understanding; creating meaningful change for change is the only constant real thing.

IEXP 360, based in incredible India, are the catalyst and a true paradise for philosophical exploration. One can have innate discussions as different points of view are looked like a blessing contributing to the deep-rooted vast ancient knowledge existing here. India is a land of seekers, for there is no one path to reach an ultimate goal. The sheer diversity brings many philosophical underpinnings to the same view. It leaves one with a sense of awe.



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